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About this Center

Huachuma Wasi is a family owned healing center in Calca, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru, active since 2009, and located at 10,000 feet above the sea level.

Every week, three Huachuma ceremonies are conducted in this center. The ceremonies include easy to moderate walks through mountainous landscapes.

Huachuma medicine is their lifestyle, which they happily share with sincere seekers of truth, healing and meaning in life.

In their words

“We believe that the best healing results can be achieved when a sense of community is created, and every person is both supported and supporting others at the same time. Where people care for one another, that’s where healing reaches its potential. Care in and of itself is great medicine. As we move through the healing process together, we both teach and learn from one another.”

Who conducts the ceremonies?

The Huachuma ceremonies are conducted by Sergey Baranov, the founder of Huachuma Wasi, who has been facilitating ceremonies and engaging in shamanic work for over a decade. Having lived in various countries and growing up in different cultures, Sergey has dedicated his life to studying the essential core of human experience beneath cultural differences.

By walking different paths and seeing through their limitations, Sergey found plant medicine path as a unifying path for all people regardless of their cultural background.

Sergey is the author of three books on Huachuma, and host of the Cactus Man podcast.

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