TYPM Day 2023

February 20th, 2023 – Find Your Tribe

On February 20th, 2023, we will join together for our fourth annual global expression of gratitude towards plant medicines and psychedelics.

This year, our focus is on getting together in person. We want you to find your tribe. We want friendships to be born. We want people to meet, connect, enjoy, and consider how they might collaborate on making this world more beautiful. Our aim this year is to have gratitude events happening in over a hundred cities worldwide.

If you would consider hosting a gratitude event in your location, please read our Event Hosting Guide to learn more about what exactly we are proposing.

See our full event list here.
Host an event
Hold the space for gratitude
and connection.
Join an event
Find your tribe
and your community.

Help us
Let’s coordinate
a wave of gratitude. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I host an event?
Please read our Event Hosting Guide to learn about how to host an event.

How do I join an event?
Please see our Event List, which includes the information about how to get involved in each event.

Can I host an on-line event?
Yes, you can, if that is your preference. Please read our Event Hosting Guide to learn more.

Are you still asking the community to share their stories of gratitude on-line?
Yes we absolutely are. On February 20th, 2023, we invite you to share your stories of gratitude on-line using the hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine, either publicly or in our Facebook Group.

How can I connect with the TYPM community?
The best way is through our Facebook Group.
How can I talk with the organizers of TYPM? The best way to reach us is through our email address “Partners AT ThankYouPlantMedicine DOT com”, or through our Facebook Page.

How can I help out with organizing TYPM Day?
Please see our About TYPM page to learn about the various ways that you can help us coordinate this wave of gratitude