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About this Center

Centro Munay, located near Pucallpa, Peru, is a beautiful and private retreat center, located in the Ucayali Region of the Peruvian Amazon, created for spiritual healing and inner exploration. It is the ayahuasca retreat center of the world famous curandero Don Jose Campos.

The center offers 10-day ayahuasca dietas, deep in the Amazon jungle, with five ayahuasca ceremonies, and the time, space and atmosphere to get profound insights on what has been blocking you and what you can do to heal and evolve. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to release burdens that are no longer yours to carry, restore your confidence, and discover new gifts and ways to express yourself.

Munay is devoted to providing an authentic experience of personal inner healing and self discovery.

Who conducts the ceremonies?

don jose

Don José has been working with Ayahuasca plant medicine for over four decades. His presence within the circle as a healer, musician and leader is rare and precious. He remains one of the most experienced, serious, and joyful medicine men of the soul. His main teacher was Don Solón of Iquitos (1918 – 2010), also known for his gentleness, humility and grace, but he studied with over 120 master curanderos throughout South America during his formative years.

Don José is characterized by immense gratitude and humility. He doesn’t consider himself to be above anyone else in the ceremony. “We are all here to learn how to become better people,” he often says. He commonly invites others to sing or recite a poem in the ceremony. He loves being a part of helping others to discover their gifts.

Don José, along with his team of hard-working, kind-hearted people who work at Centro Munay, create an atmosphere of trust, integrity and loving kindness that allows you to go deep with the medicine in an unprecedented way.

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