Therapist Ends Her Cycle of Depression Through Plant Medicines

Roxana Calin, from Romania. 

The consistent clouds of depression hanging over Roxana Calin eventually led her down the road of self-discovery where she embraced plant medicines. This path led to her decision to become a transpersonal therapist. Ancestral medicine was a route Roxana took following a lot of careful consideration, research, and listening to her inner voice.

The 32-year-old  Romanian transpersonal therapist and children’s yoga instructor was first struck with depression in 2016.

“During the next year, my symptoms grew worse to the point I moved to another country,” she said.

“I then tried alternative therapies which gradually helped, but I had seen an online video about the healing potential of ayahuasca and began considering how I could integrate plant medicine into my healing process.

“An inner voice was telling me something interesting and beautiful was about to happen if I listened to my heart.

“After learning and practicing yoga, meditation, channeling, and hypnosis among other things, I decided to go to Colombia.”

Roxana went down the plant medicine path for healing.

Roxana drank the Amazonian brew several times in a safe ceremonial setting under the guidance of shamans and trained facilitators. She also consumed other plant medicines including psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis, cacao, and hape as part of her healing journey. Her seven-month stay in Colombia focused on healing ceremonies was in the interest of personal research and a better understanding of her true self.

“None of these plant medicines were taken for recreational use and I can say they closed the cycle of my severe depression.”

“My skills were reinforced and my goals clarified. It also helped me raise my consciousness.”

Today, Roxana puts an enormous amount of her own time into the #ThankYouPlantMedicine (TYPM) movement which is committed to raising awareness about the benefits of the medicines and removing the stigma surrounding them.

A strong spokesperson for TYPM, Roxana is also a coordinator for the movement’s European team leaders.

She said: “It is time to raise awareness about how much plant medicines can help with all kinds of conditions and issues. This topic deserves more scientific research because the medicines have a huge potential in helping to heal ourselves physically and mentally.”

Roxana is a positive voice for plant medicine healing and the TYPM movement.

“This is about returning to the beginning, to the roots, to the root of the problem, and finding the cause. Where the cause is is where the healing lies and the tools to do it with. This movement is an extremely important step for our evolving society.

“Let’s grow consciousness with attention to the important details. Let’s grow more empathy towards ourselves and others.

“Only by returning to who we truly are can we understand we are all one, and that there is a place on this planet for everyone if these medicines are taken consciously and with love.

“Namaste and thank you plant medicine.”

The #ThankYouPlantMedicine movement is organizing a huge viral campaign, where people all over the world are encouraged to share their plant medicine healing stories online on February 20th, 2020 using the hashtag #thankyouplantmedicine.


The #TYPM movement does not encourage any illegal use or abuse of plant medicines and psychedelics, whether cultivated in nature or lab synthesized.

Psychedelic and plant medicines, even within the confines of applicable laws, are not appropriate or beneficial for everyone. They are not magical cures but are tools that when used properly – with respect, clear intentions, guidance, and a safe, supportive environment – can catalyze personal growth and healing.

To minimize harm and increase therapeutic potential, it is imperative that one performs sufficient research, adequately prepares, and integrates their own experience.

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