Ketamine Therapy: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Episode 3 · EntheoVision

We are grateful to present EntheoVision, the channel for Destigmatizing News, raising awareness, sharing the latest scientific research, and real-life insights on Plant Medicine, Psychedelics, Entheogens, and their potential for our societies.

Watch Episode 3:Ketamine Therapy: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and discover:

– Ketamine Therapy – the good, the bad and the ugly with Julie Mirer MD

– What happens next when you reach the American Dream? Find out more with Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin and how the documentary ‘Reality of Truth’ came about!

– John C. Lilly! A mad scientist or avid explorer of the inner space?

Featuring: Julie Mirer MD – Chief Education Officer at Mr Psychedelic Law (

Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin –

Presented and written by: Carol Talbot Editor: Christo Streak Music: Brent Cochrane Entheovision team: Jonathan Glazer, (founder of Thank You Plant Medicine), Julia Mirer, Christina Sandwen, Bianca Chelu-Penalagan, Liana Silvey, Yohanny

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The #TYPM movement does not encourage any illegal use or abuse of plant medicines and psychedelics, whether cultivated in nature or lab synthesized.

Psychedelics and plant medicines – even within the confines of applicable laws – are not appropriate or beneficial for everyone. They are not magical cures, but are tools that when used properly – with respect, clear intentions, guidance, and a safe, supportive environment – can catalyze personal growth and healing.

To minimize harm and increase therapeutic potential, it is imperative that one performs sufficient research, adequately prepares, and integrates their own experience.

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