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Working together, in gratitude, for the global de-stigmatization of psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics, and their responsible integration into mainstream society. 



Imagine a world where psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics are free from stigma, and safely accessible for personal and collective healing.



Gratitude, inclusiveness, collaboration, transparency, empowerment, service, and upward-spiraling.


We help build community connection through social media, sharing circles, and worldwide events like #TYPM DAY 22


Our YouTube channel, facebook and instagram pages, and website offer articles, blogs, news stories, and resource guides to help you learn more about the wide world of plant medicines and what is happening in the ever growing community of #TYPM.


We cannot offer everything in one place, so we have resources for partner organizations, mental health, content and more throughout our site and through social media.

The Thank You Plant Medicine Movement is a diverse global collective of individuals, groups and organizations united by a deep gratitude and appreciation for psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics. 

We believe that all people should have the choice to benefit from these tools of healing and transformation, without fear of judgement or recrimination, regardless of their political or religious backgrounds, or economic situation. We are committed to de-stigmatizing these healing modalities in mainstream society, as we have experienced them first-hand to be powerful tools for healing, transformation and personal development.

Our expression of collective gratitude reaches its pinnacle annually on every February 20th (Thank You Plant Medicine Day), when we create a global wave of awareness on social media, and within our families and communities, by sharing our stories and saying “Thank You Plant Medicine” in unison. 

We are committed to growing this collective through the organization of a variety of local and worldwide events. Through our events, we aim to bring people together in a spirit of inclusiveness, to inspire greater human connection, and create space for people to share together, support each other, build new friendships, collaborate, enjoy, participate or simply just be in the presence of like-minded friends. 

We are concerned about our global society and we are committed to taking action and being part of co-creating a more beautiful, compassionate, healthy and balanced world. We believe in engaging in loving service as a highly meaningful expression of being a human, and so local #ThankYouPlantMedicine communities within our collective engage in various social, cultural, educational and environmental impact projects. These projects are a way to integrate the potential of psychoactive plants, fungi and other psychedelic substances, further de-stigmatize them in the eyes of society, champion the preservation of indigenous cultures, bring attention to the latest scientific discoveries, and experience the sense of fulfillment that comes from making a difference in people’s lives.

After the success of the first #ThankYouPlantMedicine day, we are actively working to upward-spiral the energy of our 45,000+ member global community into action and to continue to raise awareness about the importance of entheogenic plants and psychedelics, and integrating them responsibly into society.

We are weaving together a global healing collective. You can think of it as a global village, virtual and physical, that supports the visions and missions of our members. Just like any other village, ours has elders, adults and youngsters, women and men and those who don’t define their gender. Our members are unique and talented, from all walks of life, and everyone has a special role to play.

We are forming action groups within our village and providing space for them to collaborate, in an atmosphere of trust and integrity. We are asking everyone to look within, find their unique skills and talents, and get involved in a way that they would really enjoy. This approach has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today, and creating an upward-spiral culture in our organization that brings out the best in each person.

As a global healing collective, we intend to support the missions of our members and partner organizations and thus create win-win collaborations that serve the greater global community.  We aim to create coherence of action for maximum social and environmental impact.

Meanwhile, we are growing our social media presence, so that we can provide educational resources to our global audience including information about the latest scientific discoveries, indigenous causes and environment conservation efforts. We will also use our social media to bring attention and support to existing initiatives that share our mission.

Involvement of people speaking over 26 languages in 50+ countries!!!

45,000+ followers on social media

300+ partnering organizations

100,000+ voices in the #TYPM movement

Our Teams

Co-creating an impactful organization and amplifying our community

Our leadership team is responsible for bringing ideas to fruition, and creating real impact. We listen to our community and provide the help and support to complete goals and projects. We are a collective team that continues to evolve and do our best to be good stewards of our community and movement. 

Our leadership team began as a collection of enthusiastic plant lovers wanting to share their gratitude with the world. Over time the collective efforts brought about creative genius and showed us all what we could contribute to the collective when we work together. The grass roots efforts were wonderfully effective, allowing us to reach people all around the world. As more and more people became involved we had those that were dedicated to more particular projects than others.

We started creating teams and found a beautiful way to support each person in their vision of #TYPM. By allowing space for each person to see their dreams manifest we grew in areas like social media, content creation, events, outreach, and partnerships.

2021 was a new wave of the #ThankYouPlatMedicine movement. Through the pandemic, we had been continuing our efforts online, and birthing several new projects, such as our network of sharing circles

2022 has much in store starting with our annual event #ThankYouPlantMedicine DAY 

The Leadership Team meets regularly to discuss new ideas, support our current projects, and empower creativity from our community. We look forward to continue growing our community and offers through this year!

Are you passionate about what we do at TYPM and want to get more involved?

 Getting involved

1. Explore all we offer and get a sense of what you would like to be involved in.

2. Reflect on your own skills, areas of interest, and realistically how much time you can commit to the team.

3. Contact us with an introduction of how and why you would like to contribute to TYPM. Write to partners@thankyouplantmedicine.com.

World Gratitude Movement

Every February 20th is #TYPM day, where people all over the world join together and express their gratitude for the impact plant medicine and psychedelics have had on their lives.

If are interested in being on the team that organizes this day, please write to us at partners@thankyouplantmedicine.com.

Safe space for sharing, connection, and quality integration


TYPM has vetted volunteers who host free sharing & integration circles around the world. These spaces are for sharing and building community as well as deeper integration. We offer recurring general and specialty circles.


Getting Involved

Participate in a circle: Visit the Sharing Circles Page for the calendar of times and access information.

Give Feedback: Contact us at TYPMSharingCircle@gmail.com or use the “participant feedback form” on the sharing circles page to offer feedback or ideas

Host a Circle: Learn more about becoming a host on the sharing circles page


Sharing the power of the plants through creativity and information

Our youtube channel was made by many creative souls who have collaborated to bring unique content to you. Enjoy and subscribe for hours of engagement.



Powerful community for connection and knowledge

Content across several platforms bringing us together

The TYPM community lives across many platforms. Our social media team is dedicated to sharing stories, news, resources, and connection throughout the TYPM family.

Getting involved

1. Follow us on social media using the links at the top of the website.

2. Engage with our community.

3. Contact platform admins with questions or to better understand how you can get involved.


Our Facebook community is a family of plant lovers from around the world who are connecting, sharing, exploring, and learning every day. We focus on holding a space that honors the values of TYPM and allows space for members to feel comfortable as they grow and expand.